Finding new home for your books - selling your old books!

Welcome to a world that allows you to find new readers for your books. We have always believed that every book is destined to be read by someone at a certain point in their lives. This is why we are giving you a one stop platform where you can waive off the books that you have read from your bookshelves, only for someone else to find it and read it and love it as much as you have, maybe even more.

Every person has a way to convey their love for reading, their love for books. And if your way of showing love is to pass on your favourite books so that it can reach somebody in search of something beautiful, come and join us. 

Preloved book process flow

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  • What should I keep in mind while sending the books?
    • The MRP of the book that you want to sell should not be less than INR 249. 
    • The book should be in good condition. A good condition curtails the following:
      • No pages should be torn from the book.
      • The binding should be intact
      • There shouldn’t be any stains on the pages of the book or the cover. 
      • Must not have too many scribbles or things written on it
      • We do not accept academic, non-fiction, pirated or religious books. 

  • When & Where do I courier the books ?
    • Once you fill the form or send us the CSV sheet, our team will reach out to you on which books to send.
    • You will have to courier the books to the following address;
      • TBHStore, C-25, 2nd Floor, R&A Tower, Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302021

  • How much will I be paid for each book?
    • You will be paid upto 25% of the MRP for books which meet our quality guidelines. 
  • How soon will I be paid after you get the books?
    • After the quality check, we will get in touch with you and transfer the amount to you for all quality-approved books within a week.

  • What happens if the books I send fail the quality check?
    • The books that do not pass the quality standard shall be shipped back to you.

  • I have several books, should I fill multiple forms?
    • We ideally suggest filling a separate form for each book you would want to send to us. However if the book count exceeds 5, you may prefer to enter the details in an Excel file and mail the same to us at

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  • I have questions related to filling the form, where should I contact you?
    • You can reach out to us via email at or can alternatively contact us over our Instagram handle.