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Find Your Whitespace - My Proven Recipe to Help Unlock Your Potential

Find Your Whitespace - My Proven Recipe to Help Unlock Your Potential

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Do you wish to transform your life?

In your hand you now hold the key to turning your life around. This is not your usual ‘self-help’ book containing inspiring stories of famous people collected and told by equally famous and accomplished authors.

Here, you read about three ordinary but transformational experiences that happened at different times of my life and the secret recipe that made it happen.

A recipe should be uncomplicated and straightforward for anyone to understand and implement, and those unveiled here are made of simple ingredients personally tested by the cook. I am no celebrity chef, just an ordinary person who wants to share the dishes (and experiences) that bring him joy with people who want to transform their life.
I wish you success in your journey to Find Your WhiteSpace.

About the Author:

Dr. Vikram A Munshi is the Founder and CEO of WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building since January 2012. WhiteSpace was recognised as amongst the 10 most promising Strategy Consultancy firms in 2020 and 2021 by the prestigious Consultants Review. Dr. Munshi’s 25+ years of experience in all facets of sales, marketing and promotion of pharmaceuticals helps him bring to the table strong fundamentals of Marketing, Leadership & Sales Force Excellence.

Being a certified Executive Coach, Vikram has helped drive strategy orientation across more than 1000+ marketing and sales leadership participants in more than 50+ companies through the proprietary Brand Fitness Gym. In August 2021, Dr. Vikram A Munshi’s WhiteSpace Consulting & Capability Building was felicitated by the Economic Times the Certificate of Excellence in the Field of Pharma & Healthcare consulting.

A Ph.D from BIT MESRA and an MBA from IISW & BM (Calcutta), Vikram is an avid reader. He has also spoken at some of the top management institutes of India on the challenges in the emerging pharmaceutical markets.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 118

Condition- New

ISBN- 979-8892220514

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