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Insecure Nahush: Sometimes Mature & Sometimes Foolish

Insecure Nahush: Sometimes Mature & Sometimes Foolish

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Some people are born with a vacillating mind and stay unsure of themselves; they remain silent even when the situation demands words from them. One of them is Nahush, the protagonist. He is dissatisfied with his job at a private insurance company. His family is also no solace to him, as his mother's tyranny and the continual bickering among his sisters-in-law keep him awake at night.

Insecure Nahush follows the protagonist from New Delhi to Mumbai, from an unsuitable old job to a potential new one. Will Nahush be able to marry the right girl as he navigates between the girl his mother rejects and the girl who rejects him?

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 385

Condition- New

ISBN- 978-9390463626

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