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" Parichita " is an epitome of poetry thought, weaved and penned by author/writer Sudha Sikrawar .Through her writings she reflects various dimensions of her life, experiences, sacrifices, penance and dedication .The Poetry collection of " Parichita" will touch down deeply and shall melt heart of every reader.The writing style is so lucid and nostalgic that it will take the readre's down their memory lane of their childhood and growing years involving multiple aspects of life, like family, friendship, passion, profession and love etc. It is a wonderful and unique example in the world of poetry.. The words Chosen, the narrative narrated, the emotions instilled reflects experiences of the personal life of the author's historical, mythological beliefs and Vedanta philosophy. The Poem collections in this book will always illuminate the path of one's spiritual life. Once you read this book, I assure that for all those Hindi/English, Art & literature lovers will definitely find wisdom in this book. I wish that this piece of emotional art which is written with pure heart, soul & blissful love shall make its way to maximum literature & art/ Poem enthusiasts all around the globe.

The book will lead you spiritual life journey with the beauty of the words presented by the author in each poem. Parichita will show us what life is, hope and inspiration journey throught the author's real life experiences.

written By

Tanmeen Kaur Anand Sethi

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 190

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9358190922

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