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The rain in winter

The rain in winter

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The story is Philosophical and Psychological in nature.Well, we are proving to forget our own youth, in the first encounter of our life at large, we do not have the treasury and wisdom. We are also confused and tired to understand the complexities of life in a simple way. In this book we will relive those days of earlier life. It is always useful to look through younger eyes, that prevent generation – gap. In this work characters may not appear very well worked out, all men do not appear the same to all. As George Santayana, commented on Dickens characterization and said,” his characters do not confirm to everyday experience of life and men. They are like men seen and described by a child.” A child view is different from an adults he emphasizes the Wrong things, but his view is no less true than that of an adult. Marshall’s attitude toward the surroundings is general and towards love in particular has not been worked out with a mature skill of Psycho social analysis, but what comes to him is the basic truth of life, stated in an unadorned way. It is a tragic romantic fiction. Marshall the protagonist lives in Tripura and went to Calcutta University to complete his Master degree, where he meets Adriana. It is surrounded by the lives of other individuals who are attached with Marshall.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 83

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9359205205

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