FAQs – The Bookoholics book exchange 2022 - 23

    • What is the purpose of book exchange?
      • Do we seriously need to have a reason for that? Huh?! Jokes aside, we at TheBookoholics just want to spread love and grow this little, not so little, bookish community into our very own safe haven. And what better way to do that than have a book exchange where you send a little part of your soul to an unknown reader just like you, and have a little part of their love in your life through books. Get a new book, get to know a new friend, and make memories! 
    • What is the guarantee that I will get a book in return?
      • As sure it is to fall head over heels over new books, rest assured you will get your beloved book (and a new nerdy friend, fingers crossed) through this exchange. 
      • What’s the last date to courier the books to you? 
        • Last date to courier the book is 30th April, 2023.
      • Can we send multiple books / If we send multiple books, will we get the same number in return? 
        • Yes, you can send multiple books. You will receive a book for a book (upto 3). So if you send more than three books, we wont guarantee that you would receive the same no of books back.
      • Does the book have to be in English? 
        • We would prefer the book to be in English or Hindi, keeping in mind the majority of our readers.
      • Can people from outside India also participate? 
        • Yes. You may participate. But keep in mind that we would be able to send the return books at an Indian address only.
      • When will we get the books in return? 
        • We will re-package your sent books and add in a little something extra and send them to your bookish homes by the end of April or mid May.
      • What should we mention inside the book? 
        • Do mention your name (and Instagram handle – optional) on the first page. You can also add a note/ heartfelt letter/ bookmark  for your reader friend who will receive your beloved book.
      • How do you do the matching? 
        • The purpose of this book exchange is to bring together the readers and expose them to genres and titles they would have otherwise not picked up! However, we would also be considering your preferred genres (as stated in your filled form). But the fun is in surprise, right?!
      • What if my address changes before you courier? 
        • You will get an email from us before we send the book to confirm the address. In case of an address change, do let us know through the replies in that email.
      • What are the shipping and packing instructions?
        • Please note down the following general instructions:
          • Mention the complete and correct ​address (To and From).
          • Mention the PIN Code and phone number
          • You can use any mode of courier. 
          • Make sure the parcel is packed properly. 
      • What about Privacy concerns?
        • We do not share your details with the other readers or any other party. They will only have access to the information which you have provided in the note.
      • Where do I have to courier it?
        • Pack and send your beloved books to this address: 
        • The Bookoholics, 2nd Floor, R&A Tower, C-25 Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur - 302021
        • Ph: 9982990123
      • Does the book I send have to be new?
        • Come on reader! Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.
        • So, the book you send may not necessarily be new. It could be a pre-loved copy, But hey, it’s a gift, so please remember that!
      • What do I have to do after sending the parcel?
        • Fill the Google form, mentioned in our Instagram bio or click here. Keep the tracking slip safely with yourself. And then just relax and wait to make a new friend and love a new book!
      • Do we need to pay something to be a part of this exchange?
        • Yes! We take payments in the form of love and likes and geeking out through discussions over books!!
        • As far as money is concerned, NO PAYMENTS REQUIRED of any monetary kind for spreading the love of books and reading! Ever!

    However, as it is a big exercise with over a 2000 people participating, we incur huge amount of costs in human resources, packing, goodies, and logistics to make your experience better. So, if you want, you can make a voluntary contribution to help us. There is no lower or upper limit for contributions.

    Click here to make your contribution!

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      Keep it up you guys.
      Impressive initiative for book lovers.
      You are doing good, all the best and keep spreading love through books.

      Rajeshwari Ahir

      Oh my God I love this idea. I discovered my love for reading last year. So i have lots of books of the genre I don’t love or books i think are not my type.
      This is a really wonderful idea

      Ridhima sharma

      Oh my God I love this idea. I discovered my love for reading last year. So i have lots of books of the genre I don’t love or books i think are not my type.
      This is a really wonderful idea

      Ridhima sharma

      Can we directly buy from a platform and send it to you? I can’t understand that part from FAQs


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