Tales of Tulips - Poetry Anthology Submissions!

In association with Paper Towns publishers, we are launching "Tales of tulips" poetry Anthology to celebrate the ardent love of poetry in you.

Often times, we get so fussed up in the hustle of life, that we forget to sit down and just be. The continuous distractions have left most of us ruffled up, exhausted, and creation-less. While life has laid bare its weight on our hefty shoulders, the voice in us is continuously asking us to sit down somewhere in silence with a pen and a paper, and write. About the things that concern you, the things that comfort you, and the things that make you happy. Everything and nothing in between.

This is an anthology to acknowledge art. Pure and simple. To anything that brings you comfort. That comes out of you in times of ultimate solitude. Whether it be love, friendship, heartbreak, or life in general, this anthology aims to contain all. It aims to bring out the voice in you that has long beckoned for a crack of opening. Let this be it.

So, let your tales be heard, for the time is now. Maybe through our platform, they will one day reach the tulips of ashore and be heard, until eternity.    


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Terms and Conditions:

1) We accept submissions from anywhere in the world, but the poem must be in English. The last date of submission is 10th Aug 2022.
2) There is no word limit as such, but please refrain from sending four-line poetry, or a 4 page one.
3) The poem should be original and unpublished. You must not have submitted it anywhere else. We don’t consider poems on your personal blog as published.
4) Paper Towns will undertake Editing, Cover design, Inlay design, E-Book creation, Paperback printing, as well as distribution.
5) The board will select entries based on the writing and originality.
6) You can send in multiple entries.
7) If your poem is shortlisted, our team will reach out to you to work out further details.
8) On acceptance, we may ask you to work with us on minor editorial changes.
9) All final contributing poets will get an author's copy, certificate, and editorial support. These copies can only be shipped to Indian addresses. The winners are expected to contribute Rs 699 each for the project. The funds will be used to print & publish the book, distribution, marketing, and other related tasks.
10) Winners will be selected solely on the discretion of the publishing company, Paper Towns.
11) Deciding the selling price and MRP of the book will be the responsibility of and at the discretion of Paper Towns.
12) The profits through sale of book (if any) will be donated to a charity working on Girl Child Education.

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What an awesome opportunity! I’m in. When you say “you can send multiple entries,” how many is too many?


I can’t upload my file


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