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20 shades of Love

20 shades of Love

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Some might say it is a book of 21 poems exploring heterosexual love through shades of a male artist’s life, as time passes by; but they would be mistaken. This is a book of pictures; pictures of an unhappy face, a mouth salivating hope, a crumbled letter, a tortured girl, a rhombus shape, resting face, fingers touching tiny moles, portrait of a crazy poet and an artist in love, rolling tears, departure, slapped cheek, hallucination of a moon, shade of monochrome, white waves, watch stopped at 11:11, Tea in wine glass, Hexagonal specs, Pixels, a Full stop and a half blank page; exactly in that order, because you my dear readers deserve clarity, for now. However, do read between the lines, as the meaning will get less obvious with time. It would start to stop making sense. As words would stand at ease, you will be left with just pictures. The pictures are not hard to read, if you stop trying to read. Go ahead. Flip the pages, see and visualize; not as it is but as you want it to be, deep inside

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 42

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9395620536

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