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25 Greatest Stories For Young Readers

25 Greatest Stories For Young Readers

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'When the guava season was over...Gopal had nothing to offer them but his stories...'

Will Koki prove the boys wrong and save their cricket match? What animals will Mukesh invite into his backyard zoo? Will Sita and the river be friends or enemies? Will Nathu's grumbling shut down the bank? Will the panther catch its prey or lose the battle?
Find the answers to all these questions in this must-have collection of stories that brings together some of Bond's favourite characters-from trouble-making animals, to steadfast children and eccentric adults. Gorgeously illustrated, and curated by Bond for his lovely readers, it is the perfect addition to a Bond fan's library-children and adults alike!

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 276

Condition- Read & Loved

ISBN- 978-9355209009

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