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Apni Apni Qaid

Apni Apni Qaid

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"The anthology titled 'Apni Apni Qaid' is a collection of 14 stories, which have been published in many renowned literary periodicals. The language used for narration of stories is natural, instinctive and free flowing. 'Sajish' has been well crafted. 'Sannate ki Cheekh' is an outstanding story. The collection has many well composed narratives. Amongst these 'Sannate ki Cheekh', 'Apni Apni Qaid', 'Toota Hua', 'Apne Apne Dukh', 'Thappad', 'Tum Akele Nahi Ho' etc. are typically well written. In addition to being a good read this collection of short stories also deserves to be a collectible. The specialty of the catalogued stories is that the Author being a female has narrated them from the masculine perspective. Furthermore, the state of mind of the characters has been described with profundity and meticulousness. On the whole the book has resulted to be a good compilation."

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 204

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9352061044

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