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Songs of the Reed by Heena Singhal

Songs of the Reed by Heena Singhal

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A man close to death is discovered somewhere in strife-torn Kashmir, alone but for the company of birds, in a decrepit room that is silent but for their agitated songs. Where does ‘The Birdman’—as he is named by his perplexed rescuers—belong? In which soil is his misery rooted?

Roots are in fact the leitmotif of Heena Singhal’s Song of the Reed, inspired by Rumi’s poem of the same name, which talks of the lament emerging from the flute, and the longing to unite with its source: the stem from which it is cut and fashioned for the satisfaction of others.

The narrative stretches itself over countries and continents, beginning with the experience of Noor, a disillusioned girl of mixed heritage in contemporary Spain, who embarks on a quest for her real home.

Meanwhile, bright and beautiful Reva, from an orphanage in New Delhi, also resolves on an energetic hunt for her lost family, reminding herself every step of the way that grieving is a luxury only for the privileged.

Somehow, their disparate paths cross, united by their common compulsions. Separately and together, they search for a meaning to the love and hate in their private lives and in the world, coming to realise that in Kashmir, at least, the war between the two is never truly over.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 552

Condition- As good as new

ISBN-  978-9394670082

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