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Dear Augustus: I Never Let You Go

Dear Augustus: I Never Let You Go

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She believes - Love is peace and comfort. Adrian Hayes, the boy Violet chose not to fall for, infiltrates her heartbroken loneliness and offers her an out. He is everything Augustus never got to be. Her best friend. A second chance at forever love Augustus was her first love, and he let her go even though she didn't want to. Now Augustus is back, but Violet is no longer the same girl who fell in love with him. And he isn't the same either. A lot has changed about him, except how his amber eyes burn in her soul. Fate has played yet another wicked game, putting Violet between her past and present. Whichever path she chooses, her heart is going to bleed. While Adrian is her anchor, Augustus is her kryptonite. Is it that tough a choice? Someone once said - love is not a choice. It has never been and never will be.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 212

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9392665295

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