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GAZALA : A Hopeful Tale from a War-Torn World

GAZALA : A Hopeful Tale from a War-Torn World

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In the post-war scenario of Kosovo, the youngest nation of the world, Gazala couldn't have ever imagined the things that happened to her. How outer twists in circumstances add to her inner turmoil, and never let her settle with the constantly changing realities? How a woman who had initially set out on purpose to rebuild other women's lives in devastating times, finally builds her own! She discovers pain and loss as perspectives, and that future however clear it might seem, escapes the human desires and will. Future unfolds itself slowly, leading her a step closer to her long-lost daughter each day but her heart oscillates between the half-truths and the ultimate truth.

While we think we choose, and while we think we plan - we
are just fooled into believing HIS plans as ours.

Embark on the journey with Gazala, an Indian woman who travels across the boundaries of three countries in her search to meet her daughter. Strangely, most of the things that she finally decides on, aren’t because she picked them up but because they chose her!

Gazala reaches the closest in the journey to finally learn to accept bonds of love over everything else.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 256

Condition- New

ISBN- 979-8888334249

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