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Music of the blocks, Dance of the dyes

Music of the blocks, Dance of the dyes

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This book is about the 25 year journey of a designer and an entrepreneur Arati Monappa, in the world of textiles and fashion. It is a documentation of her journey using natural materials and traditional techniques that are timeless, and its implications for contemporary design. It also brings into focus Arati Monappa's creativity and entrepreneurship in building a label that stands for simplicity and classic style using natural fabrics, dyes and traditional block printing techniques.

This book offers useful hints on the materials, the process and the embellishment of hand-printed textiles and apparel. By taking up design fundamentals and methods, it hopes to include in its audience, not only fashion designers but also those whose work in other fields has links with the garment industry, and readers who are simply fabric enthusiasts. The information contained in this book are selections from the conversations with the designer and her personal experience in establishing a clothing label and a lifestyle store.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 260

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9356360693

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