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Said Unsaid

Said Unsaid

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What do you do when you’re running high on emotions?
When you’re feeling bad?
When you’re feeling good?
When you don't know how you’re feeling?
Where do you go?
Who do you talk to?

Here is a compilation of stuff I couldn’t say out loud.
From heartbreak to love.
From hatred to friendship.
From betrayal to trust.
From nothing to hope.

“Said. Unsaid.”
Is divided into three distinct types of emotions:
The Bad.
The I Don’t Know.
The Good.
Where you face your feelings, because no good ever came from denial.

This is 17 year old, Meghna Ratra’s debut and can be read by any age group above 13.


Binding- Paperback

Page count- 168

Condition- The Unread Ones

ISBN - 978-9387282841

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