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Scarred Earth

Scarred Earth

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“The writing is brilliant, the storyline riveting”

The New Indian Express

“Immensely engaging… Mukherjee has a firm grip on his craft…”

Times of India

About the Book

'Scarred Earth' is the heart-breaking story of Baruni and Muneim. Though ravaged by their circumstances, they refuse to succumb. It is a story of two strong personalities who collide but do not coalesce.

Why does Banguran village burn in the conflagration of ethnic strife? Why and how do the fiery adolescent girl Baruni and her family become victims in its vortex? What personal price does Baruni pay in the hands of the heinous police officer Kalicharan? Does she escape? Discover the answers as the juggernaut of developments keep you riveted.

In a parallel story set in Kolkata, meet the distinctive teenager Muncim and how he chooses a far more difficult life than that offered by his wealthy family. What obstacles does he face? How does he meet Baruni? Who is Payal and what role does she play in the devastation in Muncim's life?

The plot swiftly moves to Siliguri where Baruni arrives to further her studies after her class ten boards. Here she meets and is drawn to Kunal, who too is attracted to her. How is he connected to her difficult past? Hold your breath as the narrative hurtles towards a shocking denouement.
Scarred Earth is the engaging tale of the indomitable human spirit of two unusual adolescents, which will immerse you. Completely

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 274

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9392598500

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