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These Corridors

These Corridors

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Grocho Marx, who was an American comedian writer and singer, has once said that learn from the mistakes of others. You will never live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself. This book These corridors penned down by Author Sudha Sikrawar is about the experiences of a victim of cyber crime, facing the fear and pain of letting out this predicament. A tragic but motivating story of a girl who overcame this horrifying situation with courage and reached out to the world.

The author, Sudha sikrawar has written many books about some catastrophic and inspiring stories that relate to the lives of ordinary people. The author tries to warn and alert the readers about such hazardous crimes happening today and to protect our community from cyber crime. This book filled with joy, grief, love, betrayal, fear and panic will surely drive the reader into a mirage of emotions and suspense.

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 122

Condition- New

ISBN-  978-9359893921

Language- English

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