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This story of mine is an adaptation of the story, "Chand Saawla Hai, published in Hindi the stories inspired by some events, do represent both imagination and fragments that mirror the truth. What is happening today story, what was happening yesterday was also a story, and what happens tomorrow will also become a story. If everything was seen as truth instead of a story. then today, perhaps, the background of society and families would have told a different story.

Everyone has their boundaries and premises, and most of the time, they are violated. But there is no violation of these violations, tor is there any scale to measure all this. Just as one truth is different for different persons and becomes a story, in the same way, just like there was a king and there was a queen, this story gets over. And will this happen always...

We have not been able, to learn anything from the Panchatantra stories of the animal kingdom to date, which In my view forms the biggest learning through stories, think no writer can teach someone something by simply writing a story: One only tries to tell by expressing one's thoughts, "Look, this is happening. And is it really happening

Binding- Paperback

Page count- 247

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ISBN- 978-9389763508

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